What is plant based food?

That is very easy: everything made out of plants. Think about it for 2 Minutes? Think about food that does not have any animal parts in it, no meat, no milk, no butter, no cheese, no cream, no joghurt…….

Now you think: there is nothing left I can eat. Not true, you are very creative!

Bread can be made from plants, like grains, spelt or oat, wheat or rye, quinoa or corn, water, yeast, salt, that’s it. You don`t need more.

A slice of bread can be topped with delicous plants, like tomatoes, cucumber, radish, Zucchini slices, red, yellow pepper and there is also a plant based spread, like hummus, vegan creme and vegan butter.

There are a lot of eatable flowers and they also taste good !

In my dragon-chicken kitchen I will show you how to make a cake that is made from plants and is sweet, but has no white sugar in it. You will love it because it is easy to make.

The dragon-chicken finds a home

Here he comes! Gheri, the dragon-chicken found a new home in Germany. There is a little boy in Rettmer, who was waiting for his new friend and already prepared his favorite food: fried bread with apple sauce.

As you know, Gheri loves animals and that’s the reason that he cannot eat them. His food is made of plants, yes plants!

Imagine you look into the eyes of a cow and tell the cow: “tomorrow a piece of your body will be on my plate.” Can you imagine?

There are so many delicious meals without animals. Yes, fried bread is one of them, but there are so many others.

Gheri will open his dragon-chicken kitchen and show you his favorite plant based food.

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